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Glade Scented Oil Holder Candle

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By mom-2-angels on
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I recently tried Glade Scented Oil candles for the first time. I like to burn candles and always like to try all of the different types of candles on the market. I purchased a Glade scented oil holder with a cinnamon candle for $2.50 at Target. All of the other scents were $5.99. I also purchased gingerbread, glistening snow and cinnamon refills to go with it. Each refill pack came with three candles and were $2.50.

The candle is very easy to use- you simply slide it out of the box and light. Refills are also very easy to insert. A candle burned to completion will leave only the metal base. To install a refill you just remove the metal base of the old candle and set the refill in it's place. Couldn't be easier.

The candle holder itself is a thick glass. It looks appealing and fits easily into any household d├ęcor. The actual candle inserts have a little bit of the metal base sticking up through the top. While this is not an attractive detail, it is not very noticeable.

Each refill burned for approximately four hours. This seems to be fairly fast and I would prefer them to burn for a total of 6 or so hours, but at $2.50 for a 3-pack I can not complain too much. Cost is around $2.50 for approximately 12 hours of burning time.

The scent of one candle easily fills a large room. I usually burn my candles in the kitchen (higher counters to keep them away from my little ones). My kitchen is fairly large and opens up into a good sized living room. The scent of one candle infiltrates the kitchen, my living room and lingers into the hall and other nearby rooms. I definitely like the power of the scent.

Of the three scents I have tried, gingerbread is my favorite with cinnamon following closely behind. I always prefer the foody, baked goods candle scents. The glistening snow scent was nice, but not something I would personally buy again.

Overall I rate the Glade Scented Oil Candles 4.8! They look nice, smell yummy and are cost effective. The only flaws would be that they could burn a little longer and it would be nice if the metal base of the candle inserts didn't stick out the tops of the candles.