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Glamour Gurlz

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I bought this book for my daughter because she just began wearing make-up. I saw this in the bookstore and thought this would be a pretty good read.

Joanna writes on the first few pages about an accident in 2004 where she was on an errand and she had hard stopped her car and her tea flew into her face. She was left with many burns. She then realized that all of her self-confidence was more connected to what she looked like on the outside than what she looked like on the inside. She then explains to teen girls about confidence, then after that she tells the reader to turn to the next pages to learn more about make up.

The next few pages after that are about skin care. It also explains skin types and toning and cleansing. The skin type guide is the best and easiest that I've read so far, so it's very easy for a teen to understand and use. I really liked the skin care part as it taught my daughter how to care for her skin and how to clear up any acne that she might have.

After that are two pages about make up products; Joanna explains everything from lip gloss to eyeliner. She warns against foundation, because "most of it is too heavy for teen skin", and advises for teens to use tinted moisturizer instead. Even though I really liked these pages because they were thorough and informative, I disagree with her on this. Everyone's skin is different, so I think it is best to try out the foundation first and then see if it's to heavy instead of assuming that the first foundation your daughter picks up is too heavy.

What I would suggest if your daughter wants to try foundation is to go to the store or makeup counter with her and look at them together. At the makeup counter or at home try on the foundation, if you think that it looks too heavy, return it or don't buy it from the makeup counter.

The next page is on eyebrow shaping, although I wouldn't recommend that you let your daughter do this, as she may over pluck.

The next several pages are makeup looks and variations. I prefer my daughter to wear only natural make-up looks, so I only let her wear looks like "Rising Star" and "Sweetheart". My daughter's favorite looks are "City Pretty" and "Glam Rock". She really likes kohl eyeliner! As a parent, I would advise you to look through the whole book and mark what is acceptable and what isn't acceptable. Some of the looks can be strong for young girls, such as "Pixie Dust" and "Urban Edge".

I also like how some of the looks have "Schlip Tips" that can help your daughter on applying her make-up. There are also cool variations on some make up looks, so there is two ways to wear one look.

One of the things that I dislike about the book is its repetitiveness, Joanna will repeat steps that are the exact same, over and over again for pages at a time in the book. I found this to be a major turn-off. The book contains self-help and motivational messages that fills around 40-45% of the book. While most were good and useful, I found it to be completely pointless to put that much motivational content in a make-up book.

Lastly, near the end of the book, are make-up artist tips on makeup. Like how to pack a make-up kit, contour cheekbones, and how to conceal a pimple. I thought that this was cool and very helpful for my kid.

All in all this is a good book for anyone who needs a little extra help in starting off their daughter in make-up. But beware, the book gets quite repetitive and is filled with pointless motivational quotes filling almost half the book.