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Gli So Din

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Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is a compond that promotes antioxidant activity in the body. I'm not a biochemist, but from what I understand, SOD is a necessary catalyst in antioxidant activity. If you don't have it, antioxidants don't work. SOD occurs naturally in the body. Okay, so why would you need to supplement what your body already has? Well, GliSODin (the dietary supplement form of SOD) has lots of healing properties according to preliminary studies. (This stuff has just started to be studied in the past few years, so I believe the results from all studies on it would be considered "preliminary.") First, results indicate that it can help protect skin from damage following exposure to the sun - thus, it might be helpful for everyone, particularly for those at high risk for skin cancer. Second, it may reduce fibrosis following radiation from breast cancer. It imay protect cardiac patients from having further heart damage and reduce the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Okay, so that's all great, but why do I use it and what results have I seen? Based on the recommendation of someone online after reading how it may help reduce vascular damage and inflammation, I started using it for my rosacea. I had to experiment with how much to take - 1000 mg twice a day seemed to work best - but after a few weeks, I noticed reduced flushing in my face. In particular, I am very sensitive to flushing from heat (e.g., from showers, getting into a hot car), and I found that my face became much more tolerant to heat. In other words, my face wouldn't flush after a hot shower. My dermatologist confirmed after I started using GliSODin supplements that the early studies are promising.

I'll also add that this is a pleasant tasting supplement, at least how NSI presents it. It is a powder in a gelitin capsule. The capsule it tastless, but the powder tastes pretty pleasant, which is a nice benefit considering how icky some supplements taste. On the downside, it is kind of pricey for a supplement. However, I think it is well worth it.