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Global Agenda Pc Online Game

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Well i downloaded the trial of the game, that means that really i can onlygo up to lvl 15 on the game i haven't seen any other thing that its stops me from doing though. But any way Global Agenda is a fun game by my time on it and i have only been playing on PvE( players vs ai). The game is like something i have aways wanted, its got the leveling ideas like Wow were it works with xp and you gain that by doing missions, and also you gain money in game by killing stuff durning those missions and if you make it thew without losing 4 lifes you get a bonus. In Pvp( player vs player) i know that the winning side gets alot of money, but thats really about it of what i know. They have 6 diffrent missions in mercenary mode most of them are the ones like take and old this position or defend your postions from the attackers.

The other thing about this game a more or less a war for parts of the online world, that is map into a hex map. You fight over diffrent spots some of them being minning bases that give your alliance money, other being HQs of other alliances and some even being defence bases.( i dont know that they help you during battle) And what really makes me like the idea of this is that is all the players. The alliances that attack and defend there own small nation are created by players and the war is fought by the player. The idea of it is just cool to me The games world being fought over by the players for no other reason but the players. That is just what gets me for it really.

The game cost $40.00 on steam and you dont have to pay to play the game, you can still do all the PvE combat you want to without paying the monthly cost of it, the monthly payment is just for the online war. So that you can play the game still even if you dont really want to pay that much for it. If i had the money to give up for it, i would get it. But right now im trying to strech every dollar. But its a great game, and the graphics are just great.

Update On Aug 02, 2010: Well after all this time, me and my friends decided to buy the game, and they have removed all the fees to pay so now all you have to really is buy the game which I think is a great idea on their part because it lets them have something over other MMOs online. But when I was playing on the trial, the game was about to undergo a huge update, which I think changed the games felling.

It seems like what they did was try to add more levels, ok great idea but what they did seemed to me like taking the cheap way out by taking the items that was given as you got to higher levels and moving them up to even higher levels. Like the sword that I had been moved up to much higher levels and I don’t really see the point of it other than to have the ability to say that you have higher levels for people to try to get to. I just don’t really see the point from my perspective.

They also added in a like open world type of thing, which I have to say is a cool idea, because it gives them the ability to have quest and stuff like that, as well as have something different from there raids (there like the dungeon from World of Warcraft), and I do think this is great because it lets you do something with more openness and give you the room to do stuff like sniping and all. Now before you could but from what I saw of the game it was always only good to do in the begging of the raid, with as the raid went on you going underground or into the building really taking the ability to do true sniping.( I say this because you could still snipe inside because the gun does more damage, but fires slower so you could still use the rife inside the building but most of the time if anyone go close you would have to pull out your sword, which if you were trying to just do gun play you really wouldn’t be able to do much with.

Over all I do sort of like the game still but I much rather the open world have been done without the level changes. I think it comes a lot from the point that I don’t really like trying to just level up and killing stuff to, and because I don’t really like it and already had unlocked the stuff just to find out that they wanted to make higher levels and wanted to give more of a point to getting to them, just moved some of the items up so that you had to be a higher levels to get to them.