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Glorious Appearing, Left Behind Series 12

Reviewing: Tyndale House Publishing Left Behind Series, #12  |  Rating:
By dragoncoach on
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As an avid reader of the entire Left Behind series, I must say that when I went to buy this book to read, I almost missed it on the shelf. This final installment of the series looks markedly different from its predecessors- the previous eleven books all had very ominous looking covers- all dark colors, mostly black on each cover. The hard back books were all black covers, symbolizing the evil that was still walking on earth. This book, however is purple for the hard back book, signaling that the one true King has returned, and the jacket is mostly white, our signal that good once again triumphs over evil.

Although the end seems to be obvious just with the book decor, there are still battles to be fought, and the anticipation of seeing which of the characters that are left in the Tribulation Force will make it to see the Glorious Appearing makes for a fantastic read.

Something that comes sort of full circle for me is the true Christian principles that the authors portray throughout the entire series- that these events, while fictionalized through them, are actually based on prophesy that is found in the Bible. Something that is stressed here, and actually it is present in all the books as I look back on them, is that even though God sends us through horrible tribulations, it is truly done with mercy and grace present, even though it may be hard to see. This is a theme that the reader (or at least myself) can really transfer into real life- knowing that even though I may suffer through tribulations in my life, God is always on the throne, and He will ultimately see me through. Wow. What a powerful message, and written so brilliantly to boot- a series doesn't get any better than Left Behind. Not only do I suggest reading it, but I suggest buying the entire series to keep on hand for re-reading any time!