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Gly Oxide Liquid Antiseptic Oral Cleanser

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I came down with a cold two weeks ago. The headache turned into a sore and raw throat. The sore throat turned into laryngitis. Sound like fun? Not really, this illness knocked me on my butt. I usually can fight off illnesses and rarely get sick. I guess this one was long overdue.

Once the inflammation had set into my vocal cords.....I could not speak. Owning a restaurant and having to wait on people, I need to be able to speak to them to find out what they want to order. After two days of a squeaky voice, a friend recommended this product to me. He said that people who work in the radio industry keep this on hand when they get laryngitis. So I figured if a professional used this, it should be worth a try.

The first problem was finding it. I had to visit three drug stores to find it. Two of those places had never heard of it. At Walgreens they looked it up on the computer and told me it was in the toothpaste aisle. I found it and was excited to try it.

The radio people told me to tilt my head back and apply a few drops toward the very back of my throat. It has a pleasant spearmint taste so it won't gag you! The box says it will aid in the removal of phlegm, mucus or other secretions associated with a sore throat. I waited. Nothing. Well, give it time I thought. I used it several times that first day and I must say a little voice returned. No, not the voice in my head....... LOL! I continued to use it and got about half of my normal voice back.

This can also be used as a mouthwash. But if you try this be prepared to stand by the sink. You put a few drops on your tongue and swish it around with your saliva. Doesn't that sound fun! It foams up in your mouth, and that is why I say stay near the sink. I couldn't stand the way it felt and had to get it out quick.

If you are someone who gets canker sores in your mouth, or you need to clean your dental appliances, this is a wonderful product to have on hand. It is an antiseptic mouth cleanser. The main ingredient in Gly-Oxide is Carbamide Peroxide. So it's going to foam up quickly.