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Go Back To The Hill With Slient Hill Origins

Reviewing: Konami Silent Hill Origins For Playstation 2  |  Rating:
Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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Yes, I do love the Silent Hill games and am hooked! As a horror movie fan, I love playing these horror type survival games. Even though I must admit the Silent Hill series does creep me out and I have to play in small installments! lol I do keep coming back, because of the atmosphere, and the way these games are put together. From chilling music to interesting characters and puzzles, it makes for very compelling game play!Silent Hill Origins for the Playstation 2, another in the "Hill" series, is the prequel to the very first Silent Hill game. The story begins with Travis Grady, a lonely truck driver with a troubled past. Travis, running late decides to take a short cut past Silent Hill and plans to stop in Brahms for short break and a coffee. It's night and the rain is beating down and Travis is weary and doing his best to keep his focus on the road illuminated by only his headlights, when his mind is suddenly filled with memories, flash backs from many years ago it seems. Memories that almost distract him, and make him not notice the figure that stumbled and fell into the road ahead. Travis almost nearly on top of the figure, finally sees it and slams on the brakes coming to a halt, and sliding all the way on the wet pavement.

Jumping out of his cab he takes a look to see if he's hit someone or something, but finds nothing in the road. Then taking a glimpse in the side mirror sees a ghostly figure of a girl, and then it vanishes! Disturbed and confused, he continues to look around, he's sure he saw something. Then in the road up ahead, in his truck headlights appears a little girl! She stops only a moment to look at Travis and then runs up the road and out of site. Calling out to her to stop, and thinking she's hurt and scared, decides to find her and takes off on foot after her...and so begins Travis's decent into the horror, the Origins of Silent Hill.

I won't go on and spoil it for you. If you wish to know more, you'll have to play it yourself! Between the terrifying characters and creatures, the creepy fog filled town, the eerie settings, and the bone chilling sounds and music, this one will definitely keep the horror flick fan in you coming back for more!