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Go Green With New Green Dupont Frost Blankets!

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DuPont Frost Freeze Blanket

I have been using DuPont Frost Blankets for about 5 years. They are good for protecting your delicate plants from frost or freezing.

Some unusually cold weather is expected while I will be out of town, so I decided to add some ammo to my cold weather arsenal. I actually tried to be proactive a couple of months ago, but Frost Blankets are seasonal and I could not find any in the local retail stores.

I was happy today when I checked the Lowes website and saw that the closest store had more than 100 Frost Blankets available (some other locations had no inventory on-hand). The image on the website looked exactly like the blankets which I previously purchased. I went to Lowes, and they had a stand-up box display of Frost Blankets next to the cashier in the Garden Department. I was very surprised to see they now make the frost blankets in green color!

I have always been happy enough with the white frost blankets, and have been using some of mine for 4 years, but the green color really works better for me in almost all cases. In addition to being logical for the garden, it is a less obtrusive color, and should hide the inevitable dirt stains. The blanket is made of a lightweight fabric which allows light, air, and moisture to pass through, but at the same time provides an insulating layer to protect the plant from frost.

The new plant protection frost blankets still measure 12 feet by 10.5 feet. They are suitable for bedding plants, trees, shrubs, cactus, or virtually any garden plant. The blanket material is lightweight and breathable - it does not stress the plants. The frost blankets are long-lasting - I have been using some of mine for 5 winters. Based on my experience and comments from the man in the garden department, these frost blankets provide better insulation than burlap or old sheets.

While the package recommends securing the blankets with proprietary Garden Product Anchor Pins, I find that using clothes pins seems to make more sense for my trees, bushes, and cacti. I do cut the large blankets into pieces to cover my small plants (see photo).

I am a believer in DuPont Plant Protection Frost Blankets. I like them even better now that they are GREEN!