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Go Green With Recyclable Bags

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The reason I thought I'd bring up in a review about those cloth type recyclable bags, is this is going to be a new way of life for us much sooner than we think. I've actually have written rather extensive articles on other sites about how deterimental our over usage of plastic has been in general, how it's literall killing not only our environment, but many thousands upon thousands of sea mammals and birds. These innocent creatures have washed up shore all around the world, dead. What was the cause? When scientist examined the contents of the stomachs of seabirds, whales, dolphins, seals and so forth, they all had one thing in common: man-made plastic items including plastic grocery bags.

Now more and more countries are conducting an outright ban of those plastic shopping bags, and slowly but surely the USA is following suit, if not the outright banning of them, at least some major US cities are thinking in terms of charging a tax/fee for each plastic bag consumers use at grocery and other stores. In New York for instance, our current mayor is proposing a 6-cent charge for bags to encourage people to be more conscientious about their plastic bag usuage and instead switch to reusable cloth bags.

One way to avoid any charges per plastic bag is to "Go Green" as they say, and start buying reusable cloth type bags, such as the one I recently got at my local Walgreens. These bags, are starting to crop up in almost all stores now and are they are relatively inexpensive. The one I got was a mere 99-cents and I plan to stock up on more. These recycable bags are fairly oversized, about 13½ inches high, 12½ inches long and 9 inches deep being the average size and come with strong sturdy handles that one can carry tote style or even used as a shoulder bag which is the preferred way I like to carry them. You'd be amazed just how many items can be stored in these bags, more than the average plastic bag and they are a lot more durable than plastic bags. How many times have you've gone grocery shopping and the checkout doubled-bagged your groceries to make it stronger? Well there's no need for double bagging with these reusable bags.

When I think of it, it's a shame this "go green" effort of eliminating plastic bags didn't start a long time ago. We've gotten so used to them and had nary a thought about the damage we were doing to the environment. Well, as they say, better late than never. If we are truly environmentally concerned we all need to chip in and think of a new way of shopping and one way, is to completely dispense with the plastic shopping bag habit and start using these reusable cloth bags. I highly recommend them to you.