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Gods And Heroes Rome Rising Review

Reviewing: Heatwave Interactive Gods And Heroes Rome Rising  |  Rating:
Allan Kirkland By Allan Kirkland on
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Heatwave Rising Gaming Rome Games

Published by: Heatwave Interactive/ SouthPeak Games

Developed by: Perpetual Entertainment

Genre: RPG

Maturity Rating: Teen (Partial Nudity, Use of Alcohol and Violence)

Cost: $49.99

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising was released just a few days back on June 21, 2011. I love indie game developers a lot but this edition of their new game really made me rethink my choice. Now a day’s many games have come from really small companies whose sole purpose is not to make money. But creating a really good indie game requires a great amount hard work and a well equipped team with huge amount of experience. I guess this is one reason for the failure of this game. I know it’s pretty certain at this moment that I didn’t like this game at all and for me it was just a waste of my time and money.

The development team has been trying to fix many bugs and problems but there are useless at this point. While playing this game I certainly found many good neat features, or rather elements in it but they are mostly obscured by the shear amount of missing or broken features, too many bugs and just simply poor game level design. All this makes the game a total mess. I was very excited when I bought this game as I was expecting a lot more compared to other games, like World of Goo and Terraria Work but instead found that Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is a total disappointment.

The game is meant to focus on Roman mythology but while playing this game I found out that there are very few instances where we can find some quests that are actually linked to Rome. Most of them reference to the Telchines. These quests are very few and you can come along to find them almost after 10 levels or so, intervals. This makes me feel that they are not that important. I didn’t think that the quests are bad but I didn’t like them either. Many might disagree with my opinion but for those who have played a lot of games and really know the difference will agree with me.

I did like the Minions though. Although the minions caused me many problems and sometimes were not ready to fight when told I still liked them. All set aside I have to admit a few things though; the music of the game was really good. It was not great but just good enough.

Let’s talk about the enemy a little bit. The AI of the enemy is very messy. Many times while playing this game I have noticed that enemies sometimes tend to go back to its previous position and continue to take damage without responding to my attack. Earlier I thought that it was just my skill but after playing for quite some time, I realized that it was just the AI that was having the problem. This game really focuses a lot on combat and so I think that if the fights were a lot less glitch free and a bit more realistic then I would have enjoyed it.

Closing comments for me would be this that if the game didn’t have so many bugs and missing elements and if there weren’t so many strange designs and if the graphics of the game was a little bit pleasant on the eye, then this would have been a good game to play and really enjoy. But as all these are missing I would suggest you to avoid it and find something else to spend your money on. I made a mistake by purchasing it and so I wouldn’t want you to do the same mistake.