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Going Back Already?!

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Lately, I've been having a ton of trouble waking up in the morning. My cell phone's alarm clock is a joke. I am able to put it on snooze simply by pressing the volume button on the side, a move I have adeptly perfected. I can even turn the alarm off while in my drowsy stuper. Basically, I've outsmarted my phone. So, when I was in Rite Aid a few days ago, I looked for the alarm clocks. I figured that with a second alarm, I might actually wake up when I want to.

This is called the Super Loud LED Alarm Clock. When I saw the title, I thought, "Yes! This will be louder than other alarm clocks and it should jolt me right out of bed." The alarm is loud, but to me it isn't SUPER loud. The volume of it is up to 95 dB. The first night I used it, I just kept pressing the snooze button (It's right in the center). The snooze turns the alarm off for 9 minutes. I kept sleeping for 40 minutes or so, so I just kept pressing that button over and over again. The next time I used it, I turned the alarm off completely. It was very simple to set up. The instructions were very clear. I thought the auto-dimmer feature was a cool trait of the display. I hate when electronics in my room are so bright that they keep me up. There is a photocell light sensor under the front grill. It adjusts the amount of brightness to the lighting conditions in your room. The darker it is in your room, the dimmer it gets. It has a limited 2 year warranty.

I am returning this. It isn't doing me much help if I turn it off. I may pick up a cheaper one to use as a back-up with my cell phone alarm, but it better be so inexpensive that I don't feel like the alarm would be waste of money. Who knows, I might need a slew of alarms to get me up. Another reason for my return is I noticed a small crack in the plastic cover when I first opened the packaging.

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