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Gold Bond Athlete's Foot Swabs Best Ive Found

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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These swabs are the only thing that gets rid of my athlete’s foot- fast! It’s easy to use, dries quickly, and not messy

I have been plagued with somewhat minor, but irritating athlete's foot all my life. I've tried most every over the counter medicine, but this one beats them all. It generally clears up an open, oozing crack between my toes in 2 days.

There is enough medicine to swab between all my toes in one applicator, so I do this as a preventative when one crack begins to open. I do have small feet... on a large person one swab might do only one foot.

Instead of being moist and adding to the wetness of my feet like creams do, the clear liquid in the swab dries quickly and helps to keep the area dry. (Next to this treatment the best thing I've found is just to keep toes dry with medicated powder.)

The swab has a blue band on one end. You gently break the end of the swab at the blue band. The “stick” is actually a hollow tube, and when you break the one end air pressure entering the tube allows the medicine to flow down into the swab end that does not have a blue band. Then you just apply it to your foot.

The active ingredient is Tolnaftate 1%The box is very nice for traveling. It is solid and clicks shut so there is no danger of accidentally breaking the swabs in your luggage.

The only drawback I can see is that it looks like a Q-tip... don't mistake it for one!