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Gold's Gym Door Gym: Effective Strength Training Tool

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The Gold’s Gym Door Gym is a great tool to enhance your exercise-at-home routine- if you already have some exercise experience.

I used to be in fairly good shape and then I quit working out. Once I started back up again, I knew that resistance training was going to be an important component. The Gold’s Gym Door Gym looked like an interesting piece of equipment because, according to advertisements, I could do more than just pull ups with it and no permanent installation was necessary.

Gold’s Gym Door Gym Assembly and Installation. The Gold’s Gym Door Gym was pretty easy to assemble. It took only a handful of included screws, washers and bolts to link the brace and pull up handles together. Just make sure you tighten the hardware firmly since its going to handle gravity trying to pull your body weight down. The arm straps, used to do the crunch exercises, were easy to slide off and on.

Installation was also easy for the Gold’s Gym Door Gym; finding the proper door frame was not. Your door frame must have a ledge on the opposite side for the Gold’s Gym Door Gym to brace on. You’ll also need a high enough door frame to maximize your work out. You should be able to hang on the Gold’s Gym Door Gym with minimal bend in your legs to keep from touching the ground. Otherwise you may naturally try to push up off your toes when you pull up with your arms.

Gold’s Gym Door Gym Exercises. The sturdy build of the Gold’s Gym Door Gym made it easy to do pull ups without fear of breaking or falling off. Pull ups are one of the hardest yet most effective fat-burning exercises. You are going against gravity by pulling your entire weight off the ground. However, pull ups also use your lateral muscles, which are one of the largest muscle groups. And we know that muscles consume calories.

The Gold's Gym Door Gym is best for people who have already started an exercise program and are looking for a new way to get resistance training. If you are new to exercising or pull ups, don’t be surprised if you can only do one or two when you first start. What’s great about the Gold’s Gym Door Gym is that you can modify the pull ups to focus on other muscle groups. Reverse your grip and use the close-grip handles to focus on arms. If you’re feeling brave, use a wide grip and try to make your body completely horizontal to focus on your chest muscles.

There are dozens of other pull up and abdominal exercises on the included workout chart, although I think some of them are not as effective as others. I found it difficult to find the right doorway to anchor the Gold’s Gym Door Gym on the ground to brace my legs for sit ups. And tricep dips weren’t challenging enough. Yet the Gold’s Gym Door Gym is still an effective, inexpensive workout tool if your house is built for it and you are up to the challenge of pull ups.