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Gom Player Quite Simply The Undisputed Champion

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Great Outstanding Media Player? GORGEOUS On the Media Player? Call it whatever you may (though for factual purposes, it actually stands for Gretech Online Movie Player) - but by those two names being a wild guess when you're talking about guessing what it stands for initially (meaning that you don't have a clue whatsoever as to the abbreviation - that is when you, for the first time, download it and install it onto your computer for of course usage), I think it's safe to say that you already have an idea as to how the program turns out to be in the end in terms of satisfaction and if it's comparable to other media players out there, especially ones that you'll have to be 'incorporating' your pocket into.

Is it quite simply THE superior media player out there that's capable of doing more than just playing these specific movie files? Well, for one, it does indeed that and without even needing to download additional software, GOM Player, initially, is already capable of playing numerous amounts of different movie files (and not to mention music). One thing that I have found quite brilliant that makes it unique from other players is the fact that it's able to play incompleted movie files (in the AVI format). Definitely serves as an advantage given that if you're not looking to download an entire clip of something in particular, then go ahead, cancel and give yourself an idea of what that whole clip is about (could range from several different things, such as from 'is this what I'm looking for?' to 'quality').

Whatever the case may be concerning movie files, GOM Player's got it. I've been using this ever since, I believe, December of 2006, and I was glad to do so due to the fact that I've been enjoying ripped movies (specific parts and whatnot from for example, comedy shows with several included episodes from seasons), whereas if I had never came across GOM during that time, I would have still been stuck with programs such as Windows Media Player and Winamp, more known in my experience to give me trouble. Now, those two programs are indeed capable of playing several movie files (with Winamp specializing in its .nsv format with the assistance of a codec that allows you to 'stream' videos easily and without the need of a big filesize yet with good resolution quality), but when you're talking about the basics; that's just about it.

Around that time, I was looking to play .vob files and whatnot; there came those two programs to contradict my wishes and of course, give me exactly what I wasn't looking for: error messages, saying that it can't play, I need this and that (when I already have it and not only believing that - I assured it shortly thereafter), blah blah blah - basically, the list goes on and on as to what made me turn in a different direction and pursue elsewhere as far as media players go.

And that is of course when I landed upon the ever so FREE program of GOM Player, and truthfully, I was a bit skeptical at first since a free program that does such a thing yet being considered outstanding would have been the last thing that I would have ever imagined. Just goes to show that you can never underestimate the 'power' (so to speak) of certain freeware programs out there. Heck, with what GOM Player provides, I would be all for paying, say 30 bucks just for the software since it is, quite simply, that darn good.

Furthermore, I've heard of yet another feature that GOM Player has - that being GOM TV, similar to that of Winamp's TV (not sure if that's what its called given that I haven't used it in such a long while due to me, evidently, permanently switching over to GOM Player). Couldn't find it within the program, so with that being the case, I'm only assuming that its a feature that only South Koreans get, given that it may just be where the piece of software originated. Who knows, I may be wrong, but at this point, it's only a simple inference. Oh, and not to mention, it's also capable of performing HTTP streams; you know, you're looking around on the internet for a stream in particular and find yourself copying and pasting it onto the browser - afterwards, a message box happens to come up, asking you to either "Launch Application" or simply "Canceling" the task - by clicking on Launch Application, if the program was 'tweaked' to become default with such settings, then bam, there goes GOM Player to provide you with nothing else than what you had asked for, that being obviously the stream.

But that's not it - you're probably thinking right at this moment, "one simple program with more than all that you've just mentioned? That's impossible!". Nah; the case just so happens to be that the fun doesn't end right there, in fact, in addition to all of these wonderful features, GOM Player is also able to support drag-and-drop; click on a movie file that's hanging around your computer, hold that button and drag it into the player, and there you go, there's that clip that you've been waiting to see without any further ado. Magic eh? Could indeed be, if you wanna put it that way - but with all of this, that's perfectly reasonable and makes the utmost sense.

For those users who happen to have a good deal of knowledge as far as filtering within media players go, for the sake of keeping it short, GOM's got it. At this point, it feels as if the case happens to be "This and that? GOM's got it. What about THIS and that? Yeah, GOM's got it." And once you've installed the program onto your computer and finally get a sense of having a peace of mind concerning file capabilities and whatnot, the ability to change up skins according to your needs/wants is right there, simply waiting for you to utilize it for a more perfect experience.

Customization is definitely a factor into this as with any given clip, you're able to adjust it to however you feel like in terms of its brightness, saturation, hue, HDTV kind-of-like 'atmosphere', zooming, pan and scan, and best of all in my own opinion (which makes it unique and stand out from the rest) - image capturing. That's something that I never really thought about or more specifically, even thought possible within media players and just to further the cause, "GOM's got it". It's quite incredible indeed to have something that's capable of doing such - that being taking pictures (it saves it in an instant to whichever place on the computer that you feel more convenient) of absolutely any part of a video.

Ultimately, I've been extremely satisfied with GOM Player, and I have and will continue to recommend this to absolutely ANYONE, since I'm pretty sure that all computer users (or the majority) tend to, or eventually watch videos on their computer. Without a doubt, it's the virtually perfect tool as far as movies and clips (well, videos) go, so if you already haven't got this brilliant free program on your computer - then tell me, what exactly are you waiting for?