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Gone Back To Dawn And Satisfied Again

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By unctgem on
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I have been using Dawn for 20 years with just a little bit of time in there that I tried another product. At that time, I noticed that not only had the labeling on Dawn changed, but it wasn't as effective as it had always been. For those of you who never noticed, the labels on Dawn had previously stated not to use with bleach. During the time that I tried another product, the label didn't say that, but it did on the other one that I was buying at the time. Since the other product is no longer available, I will say the name...hehehehe... it was Palmolive Pots and Pans.

A friend of mine had been using it and told me to try it because Dawn wasn't doing as good a job as it used to. I started using the other brand but got curious one day as to why Dawn had lost it's touch. I thought that maybe it was my water. It wasn't sudsing up like it used to and I noticed that I had to use more of it. Well, I got looking at the labels of both products and noticed that the Dawn label had changed, as I mentioned above, so I made a phone call to the company and asked them why. They said that there was no change in their ingredients, but soon after the other brand was taken off the shelves and Dawn's labels went back to saying not to use with bleach.

I started using Dawn again for lack of availability of the Palmolive, and have been using it solely since. The suds are back, the grease cutters are back and whether or not they will admit that they changed the formula 6 years ago and then changed it back, doesn't matter. DAWN IS BACK IN MY HOUSE.

Anyway, I love Dawn (and that is what I told the woman at the company when I called) and I am glad that it is working the way it always has again. The suds last a lot longer than any other brand I have tried and when the dishes are taken out of the water, there is no film on them. They are truly squeaky clean. The cost is about the same as the other brands, but when you think of how much more of those you have to use to get just the same amount of suds as Dawn, it is actually more cost effective to use Dawn and I don't feel like I have to wash the dishes twice to get them clean. I buy the bulk size at Sam's club for just under $6.00. That is 2.81 QT as opposed to less than half of that for $2.00 in the grocery stores.

Dawn is also wonderful for making the bubble mix for kids. Mix a couple of table spoons of Dawn in the little bottle with water (put the water in first) and let the kids enjoy blowing and chasing bubbles all day.

I also use it to wash my hands after I have done any kind of work under the hood of my car. I found that it cuts the grease that way just as well as those expensive hand cleaners you would buy in the auto parts store. I just squirt a dab of it on my hands (black with grease) and rub the grease away. You can also use it as an emergency cleaner for grease covered laundry, just make sure that you use a VERY little bit and rinse most of it out before throwing it in your wash.


Lots of suds for kids to play in, cuts grease, cleans dishes the first time.


The part about not mixing with bleach...what's in there?