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Gone With The Wind A Great Classic

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This movie, Gone With The Wind, is truly a classic. A true piece of history. The movie takes place during the Civil War, in the South. Scarlett, played by Vivian Leigh, is oblivious to why there is a war going on because she lives as though people were just born to serve her. She plays cat and mouse with all her gentlemen callers, but Ashley, the object of her affection, does not feel the same about her because he is in love with her cousin Emily. This breaks her heart and begins the classic love story of Gone With The Wind.

Now her love has gone to war, and her heart is struggling with the fact that he really never was "her love" in the first place. Meanwhile her plantation, Tara, gets invaded. The plantation is no longer the home she knew with its beautiful decor and a land full of crops.

Young Scarlett pulls herself together for Tara, and Emily who is now carrying Ashley's baby. Emotions will run high when Scarlett has to help deliver the baby for Emily. For a young woman that prides herself on her looks and the ability to have the young gentleman callers wait on her, she really shows strength and smarts when she had to take care of herself, her cousin and her land.

She meets Rhett Butler a charming man who is real good at putting bratty Scarlett in her place. He gets tired of her attitude just as soon as she realizes she needs his money. He has, however fallen for her. One of the most famous moments of Gone With The Wind will follow next, the curtain ball gown scene. In fact Carol Burnett, a famous comedian, did a sketch about this scene on her variety show. Scarlett, trying to appear as if she is just paying a social call and not at all after his money, quickly constructs a ball gown out of the green velvet curtains which used to hang in the windows of Tara.

This movie also stars Clark Gable, as Rhett Butler, Leslie Howard, and Olivia De Havilland. The movie is 233 minutes which was a really long movie for back in its day. The special features of the film include : interactive menus, digitally remastered soundtrack with the choice to use the original non-digital sound as well, theatrical trailer, scene access, and subtitles in different languages. I thought the theatrical trailer was cool because it made you really get the feel of that time period. Not only is this film a great classic and wonderful love story, but it gives a glimpse of what like was like during the Civil War period.