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Good At First

Reviewing: Bethesda Softworks Oblivion Goty  |  Rating:
mojo88 By mojo88 on
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I loved this game when I first got it. Once I got it to run correctly, and that took a couple days mind you, I literally spent hours just walking around. Oblivion has a massive world and you can explore everything, and i mean EVERYTHING. As I was saying, I spent about 10 hours just exporing, the enviroments are beautiful, on the world map there are trees everywhere, animals like wolves and bears, and like a million caves to explore.

But, once I started the game, I was rather dissapointed. The monsters level up with you, which I feel takes away from the whole point of leveling in an rpg. You can actually beat this game on level 1, and on top of that you don't even level by killing monsters. Basically, you level by gaining 10 levels in any combo of major skills. So, you could level up by repeatedly selling items to increase your mercentile skill 10 points (if it is a major skill which it can be by choice). Bah, thats dumb, for me the whole point of an rpg is to make your character stronger by killing monsters. Also, the combat system is lacking. You basically have two sword attacks, regular by clicking the mouse, and strong by holding the mouse. Thats it, you do that over and over again, left clicking and left clicking, same attack, and you get tired of the game very quick.

If you enjoy an open ended massive rpg then you will love this game, but if you get your kicks from the combat, then you might find something lacking here.