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Good Bacteria Is The Key For Your Health

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By blueezy on
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I have an allergic and so easily to being infected by bacteria. I have sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsilitis, and bronchitis. So yeah, I always had antibiotic almost all the time. That penicillin, ciprofloxacin, erythromicin, and I don't know what else. It really helps against my infection but it has a side effect on me too. I have difficulty in digest meals. Everyday after I take my antibiotics, I always suffer stomachache, and sometimes it will continue to diarrhea. It is so annoying because I have to go to school and always feels this pain in the middle of class. I think this have been beginning since I was in kindergarten.

I never complained my condition to anybody until last January. That day I felt a strong stomachache and I had a bloody diarrhea. I was diagnosed as GI-tract infection; my nurse said that my condition is caused by pathogenic bacteria that invade my gastrointestinal tract. It can occur if we consume too much antibiotic. Antibiotics wipe out the good bacteria and the bad bacteria in our GI tract all at once.

After being treated medically and got well, my doctor recommends me to consume probiotic supplement. The reason is it replaces the good bacteria in my stomach that not only helps digestion but also helps expel toxins.

My aunt told me to take Garden of Life Ultimate Probiotic since it has an effect on her (she's 60 years old and always had constipation and diarrhea). So I tried it. I usually take one Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotic tablet before breakfast. Then I wait for approximately 30 minutes before I have to pee. They said it's the indication that my body's ready for the next meal. It has a tremendous effect on me. I never have stomachache again, no diarrhea, and it helps increase my appetite and my weight. In 6 month my weight gains to 140 lb (yeah I'm very skinny before, about 120 lb). I think it's because my digestion has recovered and I can absorb some nutrients from my food. It contains:

• 15 Billion Probiotic Cells Daily Broad Spectrum Protection with HSOs Rapid Release and Delivery

• BioProtect Packaging System

• UltraZorbe 100% Vegetarian Capsules

• Whole Food Dietary Supplement (iherb.com)

I strongly recommend you with bad digestion to take this probiotic supplement too. And for you with ‘good' digestion, by taking it everyday, you basically can ensure that your good bacteria will be there.