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Unstolen is inspired by a true story, the kidnapping of Michael Dunahee in 1991 from a Victoria BC school playground. This novel is a work of fiction, the characters and places, so it is not the actual true story about this family, (inspired).

In this novel the little boy is abducted while his mother turns her back to tend to his baby sister, when she looks back the boy is gone. The girl grows up and tells her side of the story, what it is like growing up as the child that wasn't 'stolen'. She is now a ninteen year old with a four year old son. Her mother is very close to her grandson and does everything with him, normally she takes him everywhere, but this night as both mother and daughter are making scalloped potatoes, they happen to run out of milk, so her mother decides to take a walk to the store to pick up some milk. She decides not to take her little grandson, she wants to hurry back.

While in the store she stands in line behind a man she recognizes from one of her daughters police sketches of a child abuser/kidnapper, her daughter is a police sketch artist for a living. She leaves her milk at the counter and follows the man to his house, sneaks in and kills him. She doesn't remember what happened, or why she is locked up. She is called a hero for saving a little boy this man had kidnapped and locked in his closet, the police found other bodies buried. But the thing is she she doesn't remember killing the man or following him home, she remembers everything else, but then she zones out.

The chapters are very short, going back and forth from the daughters childhood growing up with a mother in denial, believing that her son is coming home, baking birthday cakes for his birthday, and buying gifts, to be prepared incase he comes home and doesn't have any of these things, to her life as an adult with a little boy and trying to bring her mother back to reality and remember what she had done.

Was this same man that her mother killed the man that 'stole' her brother when they were kids? Will her brother's remains be found with the others found buried in this man's yard? I don't know, I haven't gotten that far yet. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat wanting to find out the ending!