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This comic e-book dvd is about a superhero called Spider-Man, who is known for his witty banter towards criminals and he even made artificial web shooters that he uses to bind enemies as well as web swing quickly across the city of New York. The most unique thing about Spider-Man is that his secret identity, Peter Parker, actually has a job as a photographer, who secretly takes photos of himself while he is Spider-Man to earn a living. This comic book can be interesting, but the fact that it misses allusions can be frustrating. Sometimes criminals like Doctor Octopus, can be assumed dead, but come back in a later issue without an explanation. One example was when he was in a plane crash with his glasses lost or destroyed. The worst one was when Tarantula was turned into a man-tarantula; that is a human-sized spider and jumped off a building and the cops shot at him until death yet he magically reappears in another issue some years later; the comics have a timeline and this makes no sense.

Another issue I have is how The Amazing Spider-Man is supposed to be Marvel Comics' main Spider-Man comic book (over Web of Spider-Man or Spectacular Spider-Man) but there are some stories which are not even finished in The Amazing Spider-Man. For example, the Maximum Carnage arc only had 3 out of its 14 episodes in The Amazing Spider-Man issues and it is only the 3rd, 7th, and 11th issues; it is not even the 1st or last issues. I guess they really want to milk it for what its worth. I understand buying all the other comics which have cameos such as The Punisher, or X-Men, or if you want to read Spider-Man's other stories, those books, but to combine them within different comics I find to be ridiculous and a ritual in itself to get.

The comic stars Peter Parker, who was bit by a radioactive spider and by sheer luck, managed to get the proportional powers of a spider for the size of a human being. He also invents web shooters and can stick to walls in addition to his agility and strength. The villains are done well and it shows the human side of Parker and the other characters, such as when they get enraged or make mistakes. Parker's biggest mistake taught him that with great power comes great responsibility. He let a robber get away with robbing the manager who ripped off Parker on a deal when Parker was a wrestler. This same robber that got away later killed Parker's Uncle Ben and he was consumed with guilt for his inaction to stop this. I thought that this was a nice premise. Even better is the fact that he sells pictures of himself saving the day as Spider-Man to make money. An original thing to note is that although Parker is a superhero, he sometimes has to devise other ways of making a living. There also is the fact that the publisher, J. Jonah Jameson considers Spider-Man a masked menace and it is pretty funny to think that Peter would sell pictures of what is essentially himself on a crime scene to fool Jameson and earn money.

Parker's identity being learned was another interesting arc too, by the Green Goblin, who was his friend's, Harry Osborn's, father. The villains I think were generally well-designed too as well as the cameos. The biggest problem I had with Spider-Man is the fact that they can recycle things a lot; how many Spider-Slayers must the Smythes use against Spider-Man? I found that got kinda repetitive in addition to these magically reviving villains too (at least some got explained) that I mentioned earlier.

I do think it is worth buying the DVD if you've been a fan of Spider-Man by other media such as the movies, the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon, or the old 90's Spider-Man animated series. Just remember, the comic will milk itself a lot, making you buy hundreds more comics, in addition to that comic dvd that has over 560 issues (The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection, which has issues from 1964-June 2006 and annuals) in order to learn full stories such as Venom (another storyline that you'd have to buy being secret wars where Parker found a black costume that was a sentient being that tried to control him, but he destroyed it in another comic but it came back with another host that wanted revenge).

I find the most annoying parts of the comic to be the recycling, resurrections, and missed allusions. I think the worst one was probably Harry Osborne's death, which I was just reading them mention in a comic without even referring as usual to other comics (in a border with the comic's name and issue number). That just made me mad. It's like, how could they not inform me about this in an actual The Amazing Spider-Man comic let alone tell me which comic that he bit the dust in? I guess they want me to spend even more money to find out. How frustrating!? They honestly should just complete their stories within the same comic book series rather than disperse them.

However, Spider-Man's best part is the witty comments he makes, taunting his villains. It's quite hilarious sometimes. I also think the parts where he is Peter Parker are well written in general too. It's surprising to see how interesting it is to read scenes about his aunt May Parker who is intelligent although she looks feeble. One time, she even distracted a robber by faking a heart attack and this got the robber distracted long enough to be captured; that's just sheer genius.

Fortunately, most of the arcs (series in the comic that they actually finish) are pretty good. I liked Gang War, which Spider-Man fought the Daredevil, who defended the Kingpin because he actually served as a limiter on the rampant crime in the city. One thing I do find funny is the occasional goof, such as Spider-Man being colored the wrong color. It reminds me of the goof in that 90's animated version of it where Carnage breaks out of jail a while after Venom does and they actually used the same animation, so that you see Venom for a split second.