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Good Economical Liquid Soap For Families

Reviewing: Meijer Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 Oz  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This is a liquid soap in a pump bottle. It seems as good as any other, and costs less.

We’ve been using this liquid hand soap from Meijer for several years. The pump bottle style is less messy than bar soap, and really easy to use. It has antibacterial properties, due to the ingredient Triclosan. This is a widely used chemical, a polychloro phenoxy phenol. This is two carbon rings stuck together with an oxygen molecule. There are three chlorines studded around it, and one alcohol group. At a 2% concentration it is used to wash persons who have infections of the superbug MRSA. For home use the concentration is usually 0.10 to 1%. In this soap, the concentration is 0.14%, on the low end, but certainly strong enough for general hand washing.

You are not supposed to get this in your eyes or swallow it.

This particular container is peach scent. I thought that it was very fake peach, but it wasn’t unpleasant. We have also purchased a large refill bottle in an unlabeled scent that smells a lot like... soap.

My only real complaint is that I had a very hard time getting the pump top on this bottle to release initially. When you purchase it new the pump is depressed and slightly turned to lock it down. I actually took it back to the store because I couldn’t get it to release. While I was standing in the line for the service counter, fiddling with it, it finally turned and popped up. I don’t know if that was that one bottle, or typical of all of them. This is the second pump bottle I’ve bought. The first one did develop a split and leak soap all over the sink, but it lasted a long time before that happened. By using the large refill bottles this has been a very economical hand soap option.