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Good In Some Areas

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Pampers is like the byword among diapers in our country. It is like the Xerox of photocopiers and the Kodak of cameras. Anyway, before my baby was born, we already bought two packs of Pampers comfort for newborn and prepared for her coming. During her early days, because she was not moving around much, Pampers was okay. But then when the baby got older, that was when I realized the differences of Pampers and how it compared with other brands.

In terms of absorbency, there is no question about Pampers. For my baby, it can last over night, at least 12 hours. And there are no complaints from her.

The problem however lies in the strap. The adhesive, even if I don't have apply powder or lotion, does not stick very well on the plastic surface of the diaper. It easily detaches, even if my baby doesn't move much. And since she does move a lot, the tapes keep detaching itself.

Secondly, the straps that attach the tape to the body of the diaper. They are made of pretty sharp plastic and since my baby moves a lot, they abrade her skin, below the navel and on the legs.

Thirdly, Pampers is so supposed to have a breathable outer layer so that the baby's skin will be aired out. The problem is, it smells really bad! I don't like my baby wearing Pampers during the day because after a few pees, the diapers smells and I don't like my baby reeking of urine when I smell her behind!

So that is my assessment of Pampers. We still use Pampers but only at night, when my baby is about to sleep and doesn't move much because it can last until morning. There are other more absorbent diapers, but they are also very expensive, so we stick with Pampers, as long as our baby only uses them at night.