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Good Looking Leather Briefcase With Extra Features

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By harsha on
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When I bought my laptop I was given a laptop holder as a complement which I had used for a couple of years. Though I didn't really like it very much, I didn't find a reason to buy a new one too as I got used to it. Though sometimes it I used to think if it could hold some of my things like files and other small boxes which I seldom need to take with me to office. Otherwise it was a good laptop briefcase. But due to daily use it was worn out sometime ago and I thought of changing it with a good one which looks better and which is a bit bigger in size.

I bought Clava leather's black laptop briefcase and it is the perfect case for my needs and usage. It is a bigger case when compared to my earlier one and I can place some files and take it to office as there is enough space to hold files besides holding the laptop. As far as the size is concerned it is perfect one, atleast for me.


It is a black laptop briefcase which is made of pure leather and is very strong to hold the laptop and some other things which I carry everyday. The leather is a very soft to feel and is of very high quality. The case has bross buckles which has antique finishing and the combination of black and bross makes the case very attractive one.


As I said it is big in size to accomodate a laptop and few files. It has a partition to place mobile phone. It is great help for me as I used to forget my mobile phone once in a while when going to the office in hurry. The inside of the case is well built too. It has cushion like design to hold the laptop securely without any damage. The front side of the case can be opened fully which helps in the placing of laptop fast and securely. Though it has a leather shoulder strap I removed it as I prefer holding it in my hand.

On the whole it is a very good looking and high quality leather laptop briefcase with very good features. It is very well suited for daily and rough use.