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Good Mp3 Player That Isn't A Ipod

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By niceguy2010 on
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The audio quality is pretty good but the highest volume really isn't that high so most of time I have it turned up all the way, but controlling the volume is pretty easy to control. The storage capacity isn't huge but for the price it is pretty good considering ipod 4 gig are around $125. I haven't had a problem playing any music format altough usually all i use is mp3 like most people. The useage is fairly easy I didn't have to read the manual or anything i just figured it out as I went alot although there are only 6 buttons but that is kinda all you need, they are kind of just liuke an ipod the button in the middle of the circle is the select button and around the circle starting at the top is the scroll up/volume up button. The right button is the forward/next song/picture button. The down button is scroll down/volume down button. The left button is the back/last song/picture button, and the last button is off to the right upper side of the circle and it the power on/off and menu button. The Opal is pretty small as you see in the pictures, the whole thing can fit in your palm and it is very thin and weights all most nothing, I usually forget it's in my pocket. The battery life is amazing!! I believe on the box it states it has a 25 hour battery life but i have all the battery saver options on so I think i have run it for a couple of days without recharging it and it was fine. I usually plug this in at night and through using it all day maybe a 1/4 of the battery icon will be used. Extra features are kind of limited on this you can not make play lists which is really the only thing i do not like about it but you can choose to go into your music and select to listen one artist or one album or listen to a certain year of music (the year the songs came out) It also features shuffle, repeat one, repeat all, repeat none, view pictures, watch movies, voice recorder, fm radio that you can record off of and save to the Opal and an audiobook viewer

Update On Dec 12, 2008: just an update that i do have a little problem with it everyonce in a while it will shut it self off and reset all my settings but it isn't that bad just kinda annoying but it doesn't happen that often

Update On Dec 12, 2008: Just an update, I do have a little problem with it. Every once in a while it will shut itself off and it resets all my settings, it's not a big deal just kinda annoying but i thought you shold know