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Good Practical Camera

Reviewing: Olympus Fe 370  |  Rating:
By elledia on
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This camera is nothing fancy. I use it only for taking family pictures and pictures of my new daughter. At 8 megapixels, it gets the job done. The camera has tons of features, BUT it is hard to really know how to use them. There are 8 different settings, including the camcorder function, on this camera - and I don't even know which one to use half of the time. But regardless of which setting I use, the camera takes decent pictures for what I need it for. I would highly recommend it for family pictures.

It has an excellent storage space, especially if you invest in the more expensive xD card. I have 400 pictures on this camera right now and not even close to being full on storage.

The zoom could use some work, but it is manageable and nothing to complain too much about. It is a 5x Optical Zoom, but I seem to have just a teeny bit of trouble getting it just right sometimes, and others no matter how you zoom it, the picture does not seem fully focused.

This camera also has an awesome feature where it can capture someone's face, and right when they smile it will AUTOMATICALLY take the picture. I've found this really really helpful in capturing my 3 month old's flashy quick smiles.

As far as uploading the pictures to your computer, it's so easy. Even if you have to use the USB cord, you don't have to install any program to get the computers to come up. It's easiest if your computer has an xD drive you can plug the card into and just take your pictures directly off of there.

The only real complaints I have with this camera is the quality of the camcorder function and the battery power/charge. The video function is pretty useless as if you don't have perfect lighting you pretty much can't see a thing. The battery does not stay charged for very long, even if you aren't using the camera the battery still seems to go dead. Additionally, I do not like how the battery is charged. You have to take the battery out and put it into the charging device, and then when it is finished charging you have to put the battery back in - and it's not explicitly labeled on the camera which direction the battery goes in so it's kind of a guessing game at getting it back in.

But I found it to be an excellent camera otherwise for the things I use it for. Additionally I got it for $130 at Costco during a holiday sale. I think it's definitely worth even a little more than that at a non-sale price, but this camera may be hard to come by. When we came back to purchase one for my mother the store was sold out and every store within 300 miles of us was also!