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Good Source Of Fiber

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We have stock of Fiber Source 7 by ForMor at home because my in-laws would buy a big bottle. Anyone who needs some fiber supplement can just get from the jar.

Fiber Source is a special formulation by Formor. It is not just fiber per se. Anyway, what it does is rid the body of toxins and wastes. So it is good for colon cleansing. Additionally, it supports the absorption of nutrients, as their label would say. I don't know how, but they say it works that way. It also contain probiotics for a healthy intestinal flora.

One serving should be 1 Tbsp and mixed with any liquid of choice. We usually mix it with juice. Even if taken only once a day, it is very effective in cleansing the body. We know it works because bowel movement the day after taking one dose is very efficient. When constipated, we take two servings on separate occasions.

What I don't like about the product is that itis yucky. It is gray in color and looks like mud. I would bet it also tastes like mud, but I am not sure if my taste was just conditioned by my sight. It is really icky. I can't finish a single serving without attempts to throw up. Anyway, if I can help it, I will not take it. I only take it upon the recommendation of my husband who would say it is good for me. Otherwise, if we will not see each other for a thousand years, I wouldn't care. I know that my sister in law's relative also takes this and she has cancer. It helps her eliminate waste and digest food, especially that she takes so much medication.

But anyway, aside from tasting so bad, it is also very expensive. One tub is $48 and although it is equivalent to many servings, I think 40, if I remember right, but I would not pay for something so expensive that tastes like mud. eeeyoow! No way!

Anyway, I just hope they can make it taste better and cost less.