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Goodbye, Jimmy Choo:Novel

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By aktiv8_f8 on
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Basically anything that mentions the brand name, Jimmy Choo catches my attention, so the title of this book was a definite favorite from the start go. Written by Annie Sanders, “Goodbye, Jimmy Choo” is a novel that fits snuggly into the “Chick Lit” category. Unlike traditional British Chick lit novels, Sanders book is based upon two characters that could not be from more different backgrounds but bond together for this reason.

Starting out the novel with Madeleine Hoare, housewife for a career and fashionista/socialite for a hobby decides follow along with her husband’s plan to move out of the posh London neighborhood to the countryside. For the most part, with her top designer clothes and her countryside cottage under major restoration, Madeline figured her lifestyle was all setup for a perfectly peaceful life. At times though, she found herself wishing there was more to life than just shopping, having her kids raised by the live-in nanny and a loving businessman for a husband.

Just as Madeleine, Maddy was getting settled into the previously unfamiliar countryside life, she was thrown a U-turn. Shortly into the first few pages, Maddy finds out that her husband has been killed while in the ambulance riding to the hospital after a terrible car accident. Left with two young children, a live-in nanny, a half finished house under restoration and no savings account, she was completely confused how her socialite status would prove to assist in daily survival.

Although she has been thrown into a different realm, Maddy along with a friend (of exactly one day) found that the one piece of the life puzzle missing was friendship. Self-confessed bohemian Isabel Stock who could care less about what the latest Gucci outfit available and more on finding the money to pay the mortgage due two days ago. While going through some old boxes, the two housewives discover some homegrown beauty recipes of Maddy’s French grandmother and a stinky weed from France. An organic company and concept is brewed up and the two women are swept away in a world of being not only a housewife and mother but also an international business phenomenon.

The duo that write under the name Annie Sanders have filled a remarkable need in the Chick lit industry. “Goodbye, Jimmy Choo” is unlike other novels that embark on an adventure of just one character. Rather with two authors, there are two different personal sides of each story- both Isabel and Maddy. That makes the storyline interesting and easy to read until the end. It is one of the best entertaining chick lit books that I have read in a while. I urge other housewives to read this book and learn that even though life seems good at the moment, there maybe something lurking around the corner that is even better.