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Goods That Can Easily Be Damaged

Reviewing: Maxtor Diamond Max 10 160 Gb (Ata)  |  Rating:
By dion row on
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As a container for storage of data, the role of a harddrive on the computer is important, for now we can not do anything with the computer without a harddrive, and to choosing a harddrive, we must be careful to choosing it. Many harddrive the elegant look of its appearance, but after some time used, the harddrive already has many problems.

When I use Maxtor Diamond Max 10, this is good in the first months, from the installation process until the operating system on, this Harddrive does not have any problems, even the resulting performance is excellent, with 8Mb of cache and spindle speed of 7200 rpm, this harddrive is capable of transferring data to reach 150mb/sec, and I consider this is a remarkable speed.

However, after approximately 3 months of use, my computer can not go to the operating system, after I check, my harddrive was not detected by bios, I tried to tighten the cables that is connected to the Harddrive, but it is still the harddrive can not be detected by bios, And then I remove this harddrive to try on another computer, and the results obtained, bios can detect this harddrive, but the bios does not read this harrdrive in accordance with the model name of this harddrive, the model name of this hardrive was changed to 'Maxtor Sabre', which should read the bios for this book 'Maxtor 6L160P0'.

And this decision is that the harddrive that I use have any problem. At that time the content of my head said 'this new used 3 months, but already damage', and then I went to where I purchased this harddrive, and ask to change as a guarantee of the applicable warranty.