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Goody Ouchless Pony Tail Bands

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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Who would have thought they could improve a rubber band. Well, they did...at least as far as using them to hold your hair in place. Imagine a rubber band that is durable enough to hold very thick hair day after day without breaking, is transparent and doesn't hurt when you remove it from your hair.

I have very thick hair and lately I have let it grow down just past my shoulders. Why you ask? That's a good question but beside the point. The point being that I pull my hair back and fasten it to the back of my head and I don't want to use the brightly colored pony tail holders, which seem to be geared toward much thinner hair than mine and always seem to break or stretch out of shape. Nor do I want to use the frilly head bands and barrettes with all the beads and what not attached. Consequently, I was thrilled to find these transparent pony tail bands by Goody.

That's right, they are transparent. The package reads Goody Ouchless and for good reason because they truly are ouchless. You can pull them from your hair without tangling or breakage or pain. And the fact that they are transparent makes them ideal to use in all kinds of hairstyles where you want to gather a large amount of hair together but don't want to use lots of barrettes to do it. For instance, I can pull my hair back into a pony tail, secure it with one of these transparent bands and then fasten my hair to the back of my head with a large barrette and all that shows is the barrette.

They stay put too and so far, after a week of use, just one, the same one mind you, has held my hair securely every day without slipping, breaking or stretching out of shape. So they are transparent, ouchless and durable. A real winner in my book. A truly unique and improved version of the lowly rubber band. If you have long hair in need of a little taming or you have a daughter, niece or grandchild with long hair you should look for these in the hair care aisle or you can check out the online site at http://www.goody.com