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Goody's Works Great!

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I had never tried Goody's pain reliever before but my husband uses it so last time it was on sale at Kroger, I stocked up on it. My husband always told me it worked fast but the thought of pouring powdered aspirin into my mouth and then trying to swallow it was a big turn off. He always keeps a box in his car in case of emergency and has used it many times over the years.

For our recent trip to a theme park we decided to go light and give up bringing along backpacks for snacks and things so I thought the Goody's packets would be perfect to bring along since we could put them in our pockets or the camera bag. This park also had a bunch of water rides and we knew we were going to get wet so the sealed packets were be good to have for that as well.

While riding a roller coaster called the Mystery Mine, I banged my head really hard into the headrest restraint. It was so hard that the post on the back of my earring actually stabbed me in the neck and had to be pulled out. I knew if I did not take something fast when we got off, I was going to be in trouble because my head was already pounding. We walked to the next ride and when we were waiting in line, I pulled out a Goody's packet. The one I tried was the new cool orange flavor. O.K., orange mint flavor or not, the taste was bad. That said though, it worked.

Since Goody's is a powder, it is supposed to get in your system faster than tablets or capsules. By the time I got off the next ride which was like 20 minutes later, my headache was almost gone. Within 30 minutes, it was gone completely. The active ingredients in Goody's are Acetaminophen, Aspirin and Caffeine so it's pretty well rounded for coverage. Later in the day my husband too some for his ride abuse aches and pains and my daughter took one for the headache she had and it worked well and fast for them too. I think the taste will be a big reason I do not use these all the time from here on out but I have now added a box to my car as well and I would have no problem using it again. Goody's does work, it just tastes yucky.

Update On Feb 28, 2010: I used to use only Excedrine migrane when I had a headache but now I use the Goody's powder first and it seems to do the job faster and last longer than the Excedrine did for my migranes. The taste is still a little hard to deal with so I am sure to always have a glass of water ready and waiting but for the fast relief, it's so worth it.