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Google Chrome Browser, Why I Hate Google Chrome!

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There may be many people who adore Google Chrome browser, but I'm not one of them.

I have no clue what the big deal is about, cause in my opinion, Google Chrome is useless!

Google Chrome is so frustrating, it makes me want to pull my hair out!

Google Chrome promises to provide a faster, safer Internet browsing experience with fewer browser crashes.

But, during my first day of casual Internet surfing with Chrome browser, my computer picked up 96 infections and viruses and crashed three times.

Security is not the only area where Google Chrome is lacking.

Chrome is supposed to be a speed demon. But, on average, it took more than twenty seconds for each page to load and that's with a high speed broadband connection. If I wanted slow loading pages, I'd go back to dino-dialup!

While I'm not the biggest fan of Internet Explorer browser, at least it doesn't freeze up every five minutes.

My typical morning spent with Google Chrome goes like this: Point. Click. Freeze. Reboot.

Everytime, I click to a new tab or close a tab, Chrome freezes my mouse and computer for up to a full minute. All other software running at the time stops working and that includes applications such as Word Pad.

That means I have to stop everything else I'm working on, just to wait for Chrome to catch up with itself.

For some reason Chrome hates my computer.

Today, Google Chrome opened a page that didn't seem to agree with it and froze my computer. After ten minutes, my computer became completely inoperable and crashed.

After the crash, I spent twenty minutes trying to get my computer to start up again.

When it finally started, I swore never to use Google Chrome again.

Slow loading pages; bad security and frequent browser crashes weren't the only problems.

Most of my favorite apps like FLASH (used for online games) and Acrobat Reader (used to read .pdf files) didn't work while using this browser either.

The only good point about Google Chrome, might be that it allows you to open a private incognito window and surf annoymously without saving your browsing history.

Guess that kind of thing is important if you don't want other people to know which sites you've visited recently. However, you could get the same effect by downloading and using a privacy cleaner.

If you choose to download Google Chrome browser, go for it! Maybe you'll have better luck.

As for me, I can't wait to unistall Chrome and switch back to Mozilla Firefox.