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Google Chrome New Browser Released By Google

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maheshbabu By maheshbabu on
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Its been a month since the over hyped Google Chrome Browser was released. Google has advertised this product on the Google Search Engine homepage(a place which no Internet user would miss) and like millions of Internet users, I've downloaded the product and started using it. The following is what I had to say about this product, though I'm not a tech-geek by any means.

I was really impressed with the size of the setup file(not even 1MB) and the ease of installation. I started Chrome for the first time to find the very attractive user interface it had and the trademark Google colors. The application was very light weight and loaded very fast each time it was opened.

A unique feature of Chrome is the large viewing space. It feels good if you can see more of the webpage and less of the browser. Chrome did exactly that by removing all buttons and putting the tabs at the top(completely top, where windows has its title bar). Then comes the sleek look of these tabs and the feature to pull the tabs and make them a new window or push a separate window into the tabs. As I was learning these features I thought I'm gonna shift completely to Chrome. But I didn't.

Within around 10mins of using Chrome, it crashed for the first time. I restarted it and started using again and it crashed again in another 10mins. As I used it for a few days I found, it too so unstable and totally unreliable. You open some 10 tabs and all of a sudden Chrome will crash and will not even open those 10 tabs on restart. So, I happily bid adieu to Chrome and moved back to Firefox.

Google says that the JavaScript executes in Chrome 97% faster than other browsers. But as an end user we want the browser to aid us surfing the web without failing repeatedly in which Chrome failed. I sincerely believe Chrome is not a kind of product expected from a brand like Google.

Another problem I faced is the lack of page load status in Chrome. Like in IE and Firefox Chrome doesn't show how much of the current web page has loaded.

Finally, I'm gonna mention one more problem assuming most people use Windows Vista. You set your taskbar in 'autohide', launch Google Chrome and you will never get the taskbar out as long is Chrome is open. You either need to minimize the Chrome window or press 'Windows' button to get the taskbar. This is like hell to people like me at least, who have the habit of putting the taskbar in autohide mode.

My advice to people who are thinking about Chrome - You don't need to try the product. Wait for Google to release the next beta version and lets hope they fix all the problems in that release. Till then stay with IE or Firefox.