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Google Chrome The Next Generation Web Browser

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By zathur101 on
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The Google Chrome Internet browser is definitely the browser to have. While many tech-savvy people will argue that Mozilla Firefox is better, I'll tell you why for the casual web browser, Google Chrome is the way to go.

It all begins with the simple interface. Chrome's layout is simple, elegant, and to the point. The lack of toolbars is a great thing as it gives you more screen space to be able to see more content and less browser. One thing you will notice is that the tabs feature is at the top of the browser, not under the address bar. I personally love this feature, as it makes for dynamic tabs, meaning when I click, drag, or move around tabs they respond efficiently. Chrome's interface is so simple that it is literally impossible to get lost in. Whether it be clicking the star to add a bookmark, or accessing the menu to tweak the browsers settings, the interface is definitely one of the strong points of this browser. From the beautiful light blue design, to the simplicity of the browser itself, I was also surprised at its efficiency. I actually found it to be faster than both Mozilla Firefox and IE 8 (but who uses IE anyways), so I guess the simple interface pays off.

True, Google Chrome does not have some of the customizable features that Mozilla Firefox offers, like the huge library of add-ons and modifications, but all the basic tools are present for the average web browser. While you can say some of the features are "toned-down" a bit to that of Firefox's, take for example the search tool, which only presents a light blue pop up box. I personally prefer this method, because why take up a ton of space when you can do the same thing in less? However, there are some features on Google Chrome which cannot be found in other browsers. Unlike Mozilla Firefox or IE 8, instead of the entire window closing when one tab crashes, with Chrome, each tab is "isolated" from the rest, meaning if one tab crashes, your entire window won't! When you combine an extremely efficient browser with a great design, combined with the fact that this is Google's first ever released browser, you have a recipe for future success. So say goodbye to those old out-of-date web browsers and say hello to Google Chrome!