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Goop Adhesive And Sealant

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I decided to fix a food carousel (shelf) in my cupboard, after I got tired of having a pie shaped piece of it missing for about 6 months. The reason I waited so long to repair it is that I wasn't sure what kind of glue to use to fix it. I thought about replacing it altogether, but that seemed too involved. So I finally bought some GOOP Adhesive and Sealant and set about repairing my shelf.

The directions say to lay a thick bead of adhesive on the edge to be glued. Then there is a waiting period of a few minutes to let the glue get tacky. After that, I put my pie shaped piece in place on the shelf. In order to do this, I had to use some boxes to prop the piece up during the drying time. The total drying time is up to 3 days. I waited the full 3 days before I took away the props and put food back on the shelf of the carousel. I'm happy to say, it worked and I gained back the space I lost when the shelf broke off!

The downside is, the seam at the repair site is not smooth. The GOOP is thick, and left the seam with a wider ‘glue gap' than I would have liked, but since it's in a cupboard and no one sees it, I guess it's no big deal. But if you're repairing something that you want to look flawless, this probably isn't the glue for you.

It does what it says---glues two pieces together, but it ain't pretty!