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Gopher Grabber, Extend Your Reach

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Micah Scott By Micah Scott on
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I saw these grabbers advertised on television and thought they might be useful. My dad also has a more expensive grabber as he is in a wheelchair and uses his quite often. I wanted something a little less expensive and decided to pick up a couple of these grabbers. The first Gopher Grabber I purchased off ebay for $6.99 including the shipping. The second, the red one, I believe is a knock off version as it didn’t come in the same box as the Gopher Grabber, but for all practical purpose it is the same. I bought this one at a flea market for three dollars. These particular grabbers are not made of very high quality material and yet we haven’t had any problems with them. They have plastic handles, a wire that is encased in cheap metal and then two rubber cups at the end for grabbing. You squeeze the handle to close the cups and pick up whatever it is you are trying to grab. They both also have a locking feature on the handle so you can lock onto what you have grabbed. Both grabbers also fold in half and have a little button right in the middle to push so you can either fold it or lock it straight. This button sometimes is hard to push. The grabber is 32 inches long from the handle to the end of the cups. It isn’t designed to lift items of great weight but for smaller items it has worked very well. We use it to get things out from behind or underneath furniture and we have kids so this happens a lot. I also use it to get things from behind or in between the washer and dryer, from behind a desk, and even from underneath beds. I have also used it to pick up garbage in the yard as well as pop cans. Overall it has been very useful, especially for the price. There are more expensive and higher quality grabbers out there but for our uses and the cost these are great and I would recommend this grabber for anyone who simply finds themselves in need of some longer arms once in awhile.