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Gorilla Glue Sticks To It Not To You!

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Lindsey Starks By Lindsey Starks on
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Every household has glue and usually its the cheap superglue that holds for a week then your back to re-glueing and scraping off the old product till finally it just gets tossed and who really wants to deal with super glue its sticks you to your project. Thats not the case with the Gorilla glue line of products yes products many of them from glue to tape clear to colored they have everything thing you could need for household repairs and fun projects or just little stuff like putting barbies head firmly back on her shoulders. The regular glue they offer works for everything including glass! yes my cheap butt fixed a vase and window with it. Still holding strong to this day after 6months. The vase really amazed me time and time again it always has water in it and i clean it with bleach and the glue hasnt broken down a bit. Now I said it'll stick to your project not you, we all end up glueing something to some part of us when we work on a project, with this once it dries it peals right off fingers palms and lord only knows how but toes. Another amazing product is their wood glue, I have tinkered with wood working on and off for years just as a hobby, and hate the mess and sanding associated with wood glue, now this glue goes on/in so smooth i almost never have seepage, no mess to wipe up and off and when there is a little over flow it wipes away with ease no chiseling required. The long line of Gorilla glue products now proudly lines my shelve in the garage and of course I keep a bottle in the drawer inside for the household fixes. This product is amazing and I see it replacing all the regular super glues and false promises lining the hardware store shelves.