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Go Smile Am Whitening Toothpaste

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By bliss on
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GoSMILE AM Whitening Toothpaste was like taking in a breath of fresh air. Like most other toothpastes, it leaves a clean feeling, and a mouth full of fresh breath.

I spent $16.00 on a 3.5 oz tube and used it up within 6 weeks or so. Although the recommendation is to use it in the morning, I have used it as a regular toothpaste for both morning and evening. I went through a whole tube of this and did not notice any difference in the whitening of my teeth. My teeth were the same color they were before using the tube. I was disappointed and embarrassed that I spent so much money on a tube of toothpaste and it did not whiten and brighten my teeth. I do not understand the hype of this product in the media.

In addition, the toothpaste came out of a small hole, unlike the normal toothpaste tubes you buy at the drugstore. Small, skinny strands came out, making it hard to put on the toothbrush.

The only thing I liked about the GoSMILE AM is that it did not have the strong taste of mint after brushing. Most of the time brushing after brushing my teeth, I feel sick in the stomach from the mint. This toothpaste did not do that. It was pleasant to brush and not feel queasy afterwards.

I have spent over thirty-five years brushing my teeth and have done just fine with an upset stomach from the mint in the toothpaste, but I refuse to pay $16.00 just to avoid a little uncomfortable feeling in my stomach. It is a waste of time and money. The company does not hang onto the promise of whiter teeth. I feel like a fool for buying it.