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Got Sensitive Teeth?

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By ladychai on
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When I was around ten years old or so, one of my front teeth got decayed on the right side. My cousin who was then studying dentistry, offered dental restorations. Because she is a novice the restoration was not done really well. I ended up with a temporary tooth filling and a sentivie tooth. I am afraid to have the tooth extracted because, it is my front tooth I am already starting my adoloscent stage so it is rather awkward if everyone sees me with one tooth missing in front. Because of this I endured the sensitive tooth. If I touch it I can feel it shake, if someone would box me in the face surely the tooth will be the first to fly out of my mouth.

Ordinary toothpaste is not be good enough until I discovered Sensodyne and eversince I been using this toothpaste to keep my front tooth.

This toothpaste is good for gingivitis which I believe my have happen to the gums that is holding my front tooth had I not resorted into using this toothpaste.

The only thing about this toothpaste is that if I enjoy brushing too much, it will cause strain in my gums so I have toalways keep in mind not to brush too long else I'll suffer pain in my gums. Not too mention as well the price of this toothpaste but if I want to keep my tooth and not resort into using a false one which will cost more then I have to invest.

So far though, this toothpaste worked wonders where my front tooth is concerned, I do not feel the pain all the time plus it made my gums hold my tooth more so it does not shake anymore whenever I try to touch it or eat anything hard.