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I have been a subscriber to Sporting News for at least the last 5 years.

While I do not always agree with the writer’s perspective on certain sports teams and individuals, Sporting News is my favorite sports publication.

My favorite section of the magazine is “The Closer” by Todd Jones. I was attracted to the writings of Todd Jones before he did a 1 year stint with the Red Sox - he is currently the closer of the Detroit Tigers. I find that his personal experiences and straight forward writing not only refreshing and informative but entertaining. Every week when I receive Sporting News in my mailbox, I flip to the baseball section and read “The Closer” first, then go back to the beginning.

Part of what makes Sporting News my favorite sports publication is the style of writing. It isn’t dry like some of the other publications on the market… It has spunk and lots of humor. I think that for the most part the writers identify with the fans and give us what we want to read, which is personality along with the stats and statistics.

I also like how the writers go into detail on what they think the positives and minuses are of a teams or individuals performance with details and examples instead of just blurting out a bunch of numbers. As a fan I want and need to hear the numbers, but I also know that the numbers can only say so much and hearing another persons take on things gives me a different perspective on the game.

I have purchased Sporting News in the past as gifts too. It’s that good

Update On Apr 24, 2008: Hi! I am added a photo of the current cover of Sporting News. I know you all probably expect a Red Sox cover from me, but I am totally able to appreciate the talents of other players in the MLB, including Prince Fielder (pictured on this weeks cover).

Also, I want to include the url to subscribe to this most awesome publication: http://register.sportingnews.com/subscriptions

$15 is a steal and they are also offering a cool free gift at the moment, so check it out!