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Gothic 2 Experience

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By zhao on
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I like role playing games and I'm a kind of person who wants more challenge and I really care about the battle system, game play experience and most important of all - the plot. I finished many RPG games but there is a game that fills the empty hole in my gaming heart and it is Gothic 2 by Piranha Bytes.

When I first play the game I experienced a hard time with controls and it realls annoys me, but I'm not a kind of gamer who will abandon the game because of the crappy controls, I studied it and practice the basics like attacking, side stepping, dodge, block, counter attack and more. I discovered that this controls will enable you to have a better game play experience because it is realistic and you will really use your head to win a single fight even with the weak enemy. I also love the flora and fauna which is copied from medieval English, the game is open ended which means you can do whatever you want to do and enjoy the game without any restrictions, the background music at the town makes me feel at home and the music in the forest makes me feel alone and weak, this superb background music adds thrill and excitement to the game.

The plot of Gothic 2 is well explained and even if you did not play the first part which is Gothic you can still relate to the story and you will understand the flow of it. The island if Khorinis is divided into two factions, the faction of the land owner that hires mercenary because he is unhappy with the King and the faction of the militia and the paladins who rules the island in the name of the King. You have the freedom to choose if you will side with the land owner or the militia, after you choose the plot will continue and it will reveal many shocking secrets and surprises.

This kind of game and plot is what I want and honestly I forgot to sleep because of this game. I strongly recommend this to people who want a game with thrill and excitement. My advice is master the controls and you will love the game.