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Gothika Dvd Video Review

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I really like Halle Berry's movies. So, a few years ago, when I seen Gothika at Blockbuster, I had to rent it.

About a year ago, I see it at a trades day, for $5.00 on dvd. You know I had to have it.

Now I love that it is in my collection.

It stars Halle, Robert Downey Jr., and Penelope Cruz. This movie came out in 2003, so now its a little old, but I think it is a great classic in thrillers

Its about this woman who works at this place for crazy people.

One night she goes home and this spirit is in the middle of the road.

She stops because she does not know she is dead.

Well then, she wakes up admitted into the same place she works, as a patient.

They tell her she has killed her husband.

Then more weird things start happening to her, like cuts in her skin saying, "Not Alone".

The ghost turns out to be a girl who was tortured and killed by Halle's husband and his friend.

Then she starts remembering what took place, the night she seen the ghost.

It would not be fare, to tell any more, to those who have not seen it.

Although, I am sure most people probably have.

It is rated R, so I would not let children watch it. The most graphic parts were the abuse of the girl and the killing.

It's Special Features, is the commentary.

But I really can't force myself to go lower on the extra features score, just because of the Limp Bizkit Video. I loved it just as much as I loved the movie. He sung his version of "Behind Blue Eyes". It was awesome. True, I would have liked to have seen some deleted footage. But did I say how great that video was?

If you like thrillers and have not see it. Here you go. For me, it was worth watching quit a few times.