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Gotta Hunt Em' All!

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Craig Stephenson By Craig Stephenson on
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I always thought about purchasing a monster hunter game before on the playstation 2 but in the end I decided not to, but then capcom announced it was going to make a new monster hunter game for the wii and it sounded quite good but I was still reluctant to buy it. Finally when the game came out I read a few reviews about it and everyone who reviewed it rated it very highly, so in the end I decided to bite the bullet and buy it and I am so glad I did! Before monster hunter 3 I hardly played on my wii but now I simpy can't put it down, the game is very addictive and the online mode is the best on wii.

The story of monster hunter 3 or tri is you the hunter have been called in specially to a small place called Moga village. Moga village has been almost destroyed by earthquakes but most of all by a giant monster the king of the sea known as the lagiacrus! It is your job to help this little village repair itself again but your main job is to slay the monster causing all the choas! Of course the lagiacrus is a huge and powerful monster so you don't simply arrive in the village, grab a sword, slay the beast and say where's my money no you have to work hard in order to build yourself up and really be ready to tackle such a powerful beast.

In monster hunter 3 you create what your character looks like then you arrive in moga village where the adventure can begin. First of all you need to purchase a weapon and armour to protect yourself from monsters in the wild. Once you have done that you can then adventure into moga woods where you will find monsters roaming the land, this is where you come in it is your job to slay the monsters in order to obtain resources. When you have enough resources and you learn the basics of monster hunting you can then get proper hunting jobs from the hunter's guild, the hunters guild will give you an objective and you have to do it most of the time it is either slaying or capturing a certain monster or collecting and delivering certain items. Once you complete your objective you are then awarded money for your efforts where you can buy either items, equipment or even a nice hearty meal!

The reason why monster hunter games are so popular (especially in Japan) is because they are so in-depth, for example when you slay a monster you can search the monster to see whether it has anything usefull you can use as a hunter for example some monsters are known for their meat so when you slay a monster you obtain it's meat where you can bbq it to turn it into a hot tasty steak where you can eat it to regain stamina so you can run for longer etc. Or you could just use the raw meat to attract a different monster out of its den! You can use monster bones to make new weapons or just upgrade the one you use.

This game really is an excellent game for the wii especially its online mode where you and three other people can take on guild quests together, this really makes the quest easier when fighting the bigger monsters and its a great way to meet and make new friends trust after taking down a great jaggi together you can't help but feel a friendship bond!! This game is amazing and has made me buy the other monster hunter games in the series, if you are new to monster hunter don't worry you soon get the hang on how to hunt and the games aren't linked in anyway so don't worry if you haven't played the first one it doesn't matter. All in all a fantastic game and a must buy!