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Gotta Keep 'Em Separated

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I hate rooting around in my bag looking for my what-have-yous and doodads. They're usually in the abyss that is the bottom of my bag. I first heard of purse organizers when I saw a commercial for the Purseket. It's one of those "As Seen On TV" sort of products.

I have yet to buy such a product over the phone or on the product's website, but I have always been fascinated with the whole thing. "As Seen On TV" stuff always seems innovative, albeit sometimes, junky. As intrigued as I am, I also feel wary. I've heard horror stories from people that ordered something, and then got charged for things they didn't count on. I'm not saying Purseket is like that at all, but the whole process makes me feel cautious.

I started searching for similar products online. I found a seller on Etsy who was selling the same thing for a reasonable price, and bought the item in 2008. It is still in great condition, close to a year and 1/2 later. There are no holes anywhere. The only things I see are a couple frayed stitches. The organizer stands up well in a flat bottom bag. A problem I face with it is, none of the compartments fit my cell phone. Either they are too loose or way too tight. So, if I put it in a loose compartment and my bag gets joustled, the phone can fall out into my bag, which isn't what I want to happen. I want everything to stay in place, so I can find things right away. I haven't found the ideal pocket for my keys, yet. When I was at the library ready to check out with my books, I couldn't get my card out which was attached to my keys. One of the keys was stuck, diagonally, in one of the smaller pockets where I had put them. It wouldn't budge! The librarian had to look up my name in the computer and check me out that way. Later when I got home, I was able to get my keys out with some moving and shaking.

The smaller pouches fit my lip balm perfectly (The .15 fl. oz. tubes) and pens well. They are nice and snug. There is one larger pocket that fits my wallet really well. None of the other large ones fit it.

I don't always use my organizer much, because lately, I grab a few things and go. Though truly, I'd rather bring everything but the kitchen sink! I think these are ingenious and work as long as you get one with just the right dimensions, so everything fits.

This measures 21" long and 5" high. This takes up a lot of room in my bag when I use it, but with some maneuvering, you can fit things, like your papers, etc., around it.

For more information on the seller I bought from, click here: link.