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Gps System For Lexus

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By MiniTk Kwan on
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My parents bought this car in the middle of 2008. At first i thought "um a lexus, ...great" but when i went inside the car i saw leather seats, useful accesories and the first thing that caught my eye was the GPS system in the centre of the control panel. I decided that the first thing that i would do when we drove in it was to test the system. I wanted to test, accuracy, speed, response and variety of programs to help us with finding streets and addresses.

I firstly started to play with it and muck around. But then i started to understnd how it worked and what all the buttons were used for (it was a touch screen). It was nearly accurate. When we used the street finder it caused the driver to miss all the streets and make wrong turns. It's mainly about timing and how use you get to the GPS. One thing that i am positive about is that a built in GPS is better than one of those small ones which you can stand next to you wind shield. A GPS like that has two wires which can get in the way of your driving. The first wire is connected to a signal reciever that is water proof and placed outside of your car stuck onto the window. The second wire goes into the hole thingy that powers most car accesories. Annoying wire or built in GPS?

It's up to you of course if you ever do get a new car and want a GPS. I am just reccomending built in ones. Unless you are prepared to somehow sticky tape your wires and manoveure them out of your way. (thats is not a bad idea...)