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Gradius Galaxies For Gba

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Gradius is a franchise of Konami where you control a trans dimensional spaceship and basically shoot down the enemies. At the end of each stage you would encounter enemies who are alien in origin. This game was originally introduced as an arcade game and plays like the shoot-em-up games of the arcade. There are bosses at the end of the stages and their weakness is in their core. These are your powers.


speedup - this increases your ship's speed

missle - this endows your ship the ability to fire missles at the opponent

double - this allows you to shoot double the projectiles

laser - this lets you shoot a blue laser

option - this gives you satellites which also fire

forcefield - this protects you against projectiles

The game is fun and simple. The graphics are also superb considering the GBA's capabilities. The only thing though is that your ship is vulnerable and can be killed easily. Exercise caution when playing. I recommend this game to all gamers out there.