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Grand Theft Auto 4

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By niceguy2010 on
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This game was pretty good. It is a pretty long game espeically if you want to get 100% of the game complete like all the other GTA's there are things to find, in this one it flying rat and super jumps, along with making all your friends like you and doing all the side missions.

In this game you can really do whatever you want to going to a bar and playing pool or darts or going to go bowling to going on killing sprees and trying to survive the police or picking up hookers and paying her for her services. You can get girlfriends and take them out on dates, or pick up a friend and go to the strip club, and even go in back for a lap dance. so by reading all this you can guess this is a VERY MATURE game. Nothin I would let one of my kids play it is strictly for adults.

for an adult it would take up a lot of your free time because there is so much to do and they just added in thropies for this game which gives you even more to do (that is if you want them)

The reason i gave the online play a slightly lower score than the rest is because some of the game online aren't really that good. I personaliy tend to be playing the offline game alot more than the online games, there are a lot of games to chose from online and there is a ranking sysem to how much you have played online also anything you do online does NOT count toward getting your 100 percent completion