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Grand Theft Auto Iv For Playstation 3

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By mellaview on
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I honestly did not want to jump into another Grand Theft Auto video game. I was hopelessly devoted to San Andreas for nearly 5 months, till I beat that game to shards.

What a commitment though!? 5 months, with God knows how many hours wasted playing a game.

When Grand Theft Auto IV landed shelves, I tried avoiding it, but my boyfriend (love him), knew I had a passion for Grand Theft Auto games, and he actually came home with it, the day after I purchased a PS3.

I was happy, but at the same time dreaded it. I knew once I popped it in, there would be no stopping me. Hours wasted, loss of sleep, and aggrivation.

Grand Theft Auto IV was actually an exception to other Grand Theft Auto games.

This game takes place in NYC, and you play a foreigner named Niko. Now to me Niko is by far the lamest character I have ever played. I missed my big beefy bad ass guy from San Andreas. Now I'm a skinny little foreginer with an annoying accent. Yet I'm a bad ass. It just didn't mesh for me. Niko is a puny whimp, and I hate steering his ugly mug around.

With that said, I did manage to get into the game, but I knew within the first hour of playing, that this game would be one that I wouldn't get overly addicted to. For one, it is soo friggin similar to San Andreas. With care to drive, police to run from, prostitues to have sex with, and random street walkers to beat up and steal from.

Even with the newer game play additions, it feels all too familiar, and all to repetitive to the last game.


The graphics in my opinion are being way over rated by gamer magazines, and reviews. The graphics on IV are not as stunning as reviewers, and game editors claim. They look just like they did in the last game, only a little softer and more textured. On a PS3 the graphics should have been kick ass, but they are not.


Music can be played in the car. The stations are pretty bad, but you can upload your own music.

The one thing about this game is the fact that Niko has a cell phone. An addition we havent seen in other games. To be honest though so many people are all hyped about this stupid thing. For me, I'm not impressed.

So what, I can call people, create missions, and gain online features? Im just not impressed.


Everything feels too similar for me to recommend this game. It's like a repeat of the last with a different plot, and some new features. Not worth the price though. Not by a long shot.