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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Best Gta Ever

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By fnordian on
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If you liked GTA: Vice City, buy this game right now. It has everything Vice City has, only better and more of it. The premise of the game is essentially the same as earlier games, but instead of an Italian mafia ganster, you're representing your 'hood in South Central Los Angeles-- oops, I mean Los Santos. Frankly, it's nice to see some people of color in a video game for once, and even better that their portrayal isn't limited to negative stereotypes (which is not to say that the characterization of Black folks in this game is totally unproblematic). Your character, CJ, is ultimately trying to help his family, his friends, and his community (if he has to break some laws to do it, hey, that's just part of the GTA world). The setting is awesome, representing LA, San Francisco, and Las Vegas (with almost frightening accuracy at times), and this game's missions are even more fun than previous incarnations of the GTA franchise. I don't know what else I can say except that I love this game!