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Granny's Lye Soap Great For Problem Skin

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jpnmo By jpnmo on
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For years I've suffered with eczema on my face and neck. My dermatologist has prescribed one cream after another, usually a form of steroids. These creams can only be used for a short time and can negatively affect your skin if used too much.Plus, they're expensive. During a routine visit to my eye doctor, I mentioned the eczema on my face, which was an embarrassment to me. He told me that he also suffered with eczema and proceeded to tell me how he had his under control. His answer: lye soap. No kidding!! I actually thought he was joking! After explaining how well it works for him and acne on his teenage son, I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose except a few more dollars? It seemed ridiculous to me, but I stopped by the health food store and bought a bar. (No, it doesn't come in liquid form.) I began using it that day and was amazed by how nice and fresh it smelled without the perfume scent that seems to be in everything. It had amazing lather and I was shocked by how soft my face felt after just one use. But, the real test was the eczema. I stopped using the "detergent free" soaps and stuck with the lye and within about a week, I noticed a difference. That was 9 months ago. In all the months since then, I have not had a single major breakout, something that was quite regular for me before I tried the lye soap. I like this soap so much that I use it in the shower as it leaves me feeling freshly clean, not deodorized or perfumed. If you have tried everything for your skin conditions and are looking for something natural, I highly recommend trying this soap.

Update On Mar 06, 2010: It has now been about 1 1/2 years since I began using this soap. I saw my eye doctor last week and thanked him over and over for turning me onto this product. I'm surprised that three different dermatologists I've seen have never mentioned this. Maybe they don't know about it, which is why I'm spreading the word. This soap is not a cure. I still have breakouts of eczema, but they are less frequent and severe as they were before. I'm still a fan of this soap and recommend that you give it a try if nothing else is working for you.