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Greasy Mess

Reviewing: Avon Skin So Soft Shave Gel  |  Rating:
strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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The full name of this product is 'Avon Skin so Soft Silky Shave Gel'. I hate this product, it leaves my legs very itchy and irritated after using, has given me ingrown hairs, and because it is a greasy gel texture it doesn't give a close shave. It also clogs your razor really really bad, takes forever to rinse off the razor, because of this it also dulls the razor after just one use. This shaving gel makes your razor perform soooooooo bad, you could be using a $20.00 razor and it will make it feel like you are using a cheapy dollarstore razor that you have to press on to cut any hairs! I think this may have been why my legs were so irritated, I had red bumps, and my legs like I said above were really itchy, so bad I couldn't stand it, that I know is from the gel itself! It also doesn't have a nice fragrance at all, so if you like Avon's Skin so Soft products as I do, and are expecting that scent, you will be disapointed as myself! Smells like a stinky chemical and alcohol mixed together. It was also difficult to wash of, it left a film on my legs, I needed to get a wash cloth and rub off, so this just added to the irritation. At first I left the filmy stuff on after rinsing my legs because Avon says this moisturizes and softens the skin, but it felt so heavy, greasy yet waxy, I could scrape the film off with my finger nail and you should have seen the crap under my nail from this gel! I will NEVER buy this again! Oh ya, and it leaks allover the place, the cap is on the bottom where the little hole is, and the cap is the part that stands up, the gel RUNS out, so if you hate to squeeze product out of tubes and are woried about not getting every little drop of product out and not getting the last bit out, no worries with this, just open the flip cap and let it run ALL OVER! Also leaves the bathtub slippery and greasy, difficult to clean, and anything shaved will be stuck to the tub!